Single End Square Whirlpool Bath - 10 Jets & LED Lighting With Side Panel - 1800 x 800mm

Single End Square Whirlpool Bath - 10 Jets & LED Lighting With Side Panel - 1800 x 800mm

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What's Included: Single End Square Whirlpool Bath- 6 Standard Jets, 2 Back & Foot Jets & LED Lighting- 1800 x 800mm
Vitura White Acrylic Side Panel - 1800mm
Exceptional Whirlpool Baths Exclusive to Plumbworld in the UK, the Vitura whirlpools only use the highest quality baths, with glass fibre reinforced acrylic and fully encapsulated baseboards.

The Whirlpool and air-spa systems are best in class, manufactured to the highest international standards of performance and reliability.

6 Powerful Vitura Side Jets Our whirlpool systems create a powerful massage from six strategically placed directional jets fitted to the walls of the bath.

These jets are mixed with air to give you maximum pleasure and comfort.

Vitura System 1 Whirlpool Control Our entry-level whirlpool control system is operated via dual controls.

Simply press the on/off button to turn the system on and off.

The power from the jets can be increased or decreased by turning the other control clockwise or anticlockwise, making this system reliable and simple to use.

2 Vitura Back Jets An additional pair of powerful micro jets to soothe your back.

Arranged to massage either side of your spine.

2 Vitura Foot Jets A set of 2 micro jets that combine to create a powerful massaging effect.

Perfect to soothe your feet after a hard day! Chromotherapy Super-Size LED Light Colour and light have been used for healing since records began.

Chromotherapy is the new therapeutic era of hydrotherapy, using 7 different mixes of colour as conductors of relaxation to change the aura in your bathroom.

These Vitura whirlpool lights are 60% bigger and have 51 diodes emitting almost 3 times more light than the standard whirlpool bath lights.

Made with genuine Lucite acrylic Not all acrylic baths are made the same! One way that inferior baths cut costs is to use lower grade acrylic.

Rest assured that this bath is made with the very best - Genuine Lucite acrylic.  A beautiful surface texture that feels comfortable against the skin Maximum strength, durability and toughness to withstand frequent use The highest resistance to everyday wear and tear, stains, and superficial scratches The best resistance to Ultraviolet light degradation and household chemicals Fully encapsulated base board for maximum strength This bath has an 18mm
thick construction grade, fully encapsulated baseboard.

The purpose of the baseboard is to add strength and rigidity to the base of the bath.

In premium quality baths the baseboard is fully encapsulated in glass reinforced plastic.

This is more expensive to manufacture but provides maximum strength and stability.

Reinforced with GRP for maximum strength and rigidity Many people mistakenly think that the strength and rigidity of an acrylic bath are determined by the thickness of the acrylic sheet used to make it.

This simply isn't true.

The quality and amount of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) sprayed onto the acrylic is what makes all the difference.

Side panel included To prevent the hassle of trying to find a bath panel that fits with your new whirlpool bath, we've included a white acrylic side panel that is perfectly compatible.

The colour match is perfect and so is the fit, enabling you to get your whirlpool bath set up and complete! Tap available when you add to basket So you've chosen your shiny new bath, now you need a shiny new tap to go with it! Although this bath doesn't come with a tap, when you add it to your basket you'll be given the option to add a tap that we think would go perfectly with the bath you've chosen.

Alternatively, you can choose a tap from our large selection on our website by clicking here.

10 Year bath guarantee with 2 years on the parts and labour Anyone can offer a guarantee, but it is only as good as the company that stands behind it.

The manufacturer of Vitura Brand Whirlpool Baths is proud to be celebrating 20+ years in the industry.

With over 35,000 whirlpool baths in the UK they are one of the most experienced and reliable companies in the whirlpool bath field.
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