Whirlpool Spa Baths - Now Available
Whirlpool Spa Baths - Now Available

For many people, having a soak in a bath after a long days work is the perfect end to hard working day.  Whether you include some bath salts like Chandler from friends, or switch on some Enya whilst aromatherapy candles slowly burn in your space of complete relaxation.

🔗Whirlpool Baths starting at £425

Whirlpool Spa Baths

We now have available a range of Whirlpool Baths to elevate your bathing experience to the next level.  Made from Acrylic and a choice of jet numbers, you can now not only relax, but those embarrassing "wind" moments can be explained away "It's the whirlpool jets love"

Whirlpool / Spa Baths have been proven to help with muscle aches and pains as they improve blood flow around the body.

How much do Whirlpoool baths cost to run?

We posed this question to several manufacturers of these wonderful spa baths and the response was quite appealing.  The average cost of running a whirlpool bath for 1 hour is less than 5 pence (5p).

Obviously this really depends on the size of pump your whirlpool bath uses & the electricity rate you are on with your energy provider.

Your very own Jacuzzi Baths

The whirlpool baths require no special plumbing, but do require an electricity supply to power the low voltage pump.  Save money by cancelling that spa subscription and replace your existing bath with a whirlpool experience.

Cons / Negatives of a Whirlpool Bath?

Adding a luxury whirlpool bath is not without the negatives, here are a few to consider before 'diving in'.

  • Electricity Cost
  • More Maintenance Required
  • Repairs more Expensive

Electricality Cost

As we mentioned above, there are additional running costs when you switch on the whirlpool jets, even though on average 5p per hour doesn't seem like much, it can soon add up.

More Maintenance Required

Unlike standard baths, whirlpool baths do require more maintenance.  Not only do you need to clean your bath, you also need to regularly flush the pipes to remove build up of soap suds, hair 🤒 and other potential blockages for maximum performance.

Repairs more Expensive

Although we don't expect a brand new whirlpool bath to break, you do need to consider the costs of replacement parts / labour if something was to break with your whirlpool bath springs a leak or the pump breaks.  Most whirlpool baths come with a standard 12 month warranty, and providing you do keep up with regular maintenance your whirlpool bath should last many years of extended use.